Shibori Masterclass at the MiH studio…

Shibori Masterclass at the MiH studio…

I was invited yesterday morning to the MiH studio to take part in a Shibori masterclass hosted by the wonderful artist Niki Livingston who has just done a fabulous collaboration with the brand.  Shibori is an ancient Japanese cloth dying technique involves twisting, knotting, stitching and tying fabrics before immersing them in indigo dye to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

We started off the session with Niki showing us a few different techniques to create different shapes and patterns which involved using marbles, chop sticks, pegs and rubber bands.

MiH provided us with cotton shirts and tees which we folded and twisted to create our design.  I went for a checked pattern which is made by folding the shirt like a fan.  Then I added two sets of chopsticks and fastened with elastic bands to create this little bundle-










Next it was on to the dyeing vats which included a concoction of ingredients that had been left for a couple of days to stew.  We had to dye the shirts twice to achieve a deep indigo colour before leaving our little bundles to dry for a few minuets.

The moment of truth! Time to unravel the bundle and see the finished effect….

My very own home made work of art!  Each one was totally unique and different so you will never be caught wearing the same thing as someone else.
Can’t wait to receive my finished top and I will wear it with pride!  A big thank you to the MiH team for having us and for putting on such a great event. x

Shop the Indigo Love collection by Niki Livingston and MiH jeans on their website but hurry as the pieces are very limited –


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