Street Style: Covent Garden

Street Style: Covent Garden

Autumn is officially here, which means it’s time to delve into your winter wardrobe (or buy a new one!), swapping light camisoles for winter warmers. To get some inspiration for these winter months, we popped over to Covent Garden to see how the lovely ladies of London are accommodating for the cooler climate.

1. Jumpering Into Winter

360 Sweater Brie Mid Heather Grey 1


 Jumper season has begun, whether you want to admit it or not. So the best thing to get you out of those winter blues is to get into some gorgeous knitwear. Grey, charcoal, black and neutral palates are a perfect way to start, keeping things simple and elegant, as well as easy to mix and match.   To add a bit of extra glam simply add a heeled boot, et voila! you are even rain ready for when the elements turn against us.


2. Girls Just Want to Have Fur


Fur- the perfect way to begin winter in luxury. One statement piece will go a long way, adding flare to any outfit. Not fur you? We also have some gorgeous fur key rings in store which are bound to tickle your fancy (as well as making perfect presents for … dare I mention … Christmas).

Pom Pom Black 1Pom Pom Brown-White 2Pom Pom Blue 1

3. Back to Black

DSC_0645 mighty-purse-chetah_1


The perfect way to remain stylish and keep things simple, black is always a crowd pleaser. A good pair of black skinny’s matched with an over sized jumper is a staple this winter. To add some fun to an outfit accessories are the perfect tool, add some fun with a leopard print clutch or break up the black with a pair of monochrome shoes.

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