It’s All About Layers!

It’s All About Layers!

When the daffodils and crocuses start peeking out from the cold winter soil, you start to get that tickling urge to get out all of your pretty spring tops, dresses and skirts. The desire to wear bright colours and floral pattern affects every purchase you make when you go shopping. However, the trouble is, you cannot wear all of these gorgeous pieces, because it is simply too cold. So, first you are chilly and cannot get warm, then the sun comes out and you cannot believe you wore that thick winter coat. You just cannot win?!










Pyrus, Riddle Top £100 – Des Petits Hauts, Joala Top £150 – Pyrus, Severine Asymmetic Hem Dress £94

That is why Katie&Jo has collected the best tips and tricks for staying warm, cool, colourful and stylish in this transition between Winter and Spring in London!

First of all, it is all about layering. Layer that pretty summer blouse with a warm cashmere cardigan or smart thin jacket; this will be easy to take off and chuck it in your bag. Be sure to wear a vest top underneath as well.









Label + thread, Luxe Chill Cardigan £242 – Rebecca Taylor, Graphic Tweed Jacket £396 – Velvet, Steffi Cardigan £254

Fur gilets are also a great way to layer. Layer them over a long sleeved t-shirt in a dashing colour for an effortlessly stylish spring look, whilst keeping warm.

untitled-9_10 22033_jayley_fox_and_coney_long_gilet_grey_322037_jayley_fox_and_coney_gilet_1








Marais Fur, Boho Luxe Gilet, £295 – Jayley Collection, Long Fur Gilet £160 – Jayley Collection, Short Fur Gilet £135

That feminine, floral and flowy dress looks cool and trendy with a loose fitted cashmere jumper layered on top. Add your favourite pair of booties and you are good to go!

harris_wilson_noor_dress_ecru_size_8_4 des_petits_hauts_desiree_sweater_bleu_size_8_3 outfit_1_27








Harris Wilson, Noor Dress £97 – Des Petits Hauts, Desiree Sweater £150 – ASH, Hurrican Boots £167

Another great way to stay spring-hopeful and warm is with a fun coloured fur parka! The parkas from Katie&Jo have detachable lining, which make them the perfect transitional outerwear.

Katie & Jo Fur lined Khaki Parka With Blue Fur LArge 7 Katie & Jo Fur lined Long Khaki Parka Grey Medium 9 Katie & Jo Fur lined Khaki Parka With Pink fur 4








Katie&Jo, Parka Blue Fur £360 – Katie&Jo, Long Parka Grey Fur £400 – Katie&Jo, Parka Pink Fur £360

If you are not quite ready to let go of your big comfy scarf, but feel like it is actually time to let go, then opt for a colourful lightweight spring scarf. It will keep you warm, and add a pop of colour.

Des Petits Hauts Gisali Pamplemousse 9

W-Nubia-61480595_main 1967_6078_1_2






Des Petits Hauts, Gisali £69 – Beck Sondergaard, Nubia £39 – Yerse, Faulard £34

If you like one of the styles shown, simply click on the picture and it will take you to our online shop, if it is not available online, it will be at Katie&Jo New Kings Road.


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